Paul McGonagle

My drumming days began at the age of 8. For the first 4 years I learnt myself, listening and playing along to various music styles and bands, but I’m now very grateful I had the opportunity to start getting lessons. Without them I would not have the confidence, experience, skills & technique I have today. My days with Mark began in the now closed ‘Rock Steady Music’ Shop and then moved out to his own professional studio. With this move Mark’s setup & equipment has become better & better each year which helps with learning & recording. Mark taught me everything from the basic rudiments & stick control, to advanced techniques, to the top levels of Drumming today. Through the years I learnt about different time signatures, off-beat rhythms, solo work, tips & tricks and much more. Most importantly I learnt how to read sheet music for drums, including every style from jazz waltzes through to funk-rock and samba. This proved very beneficial in my Leaving Cert Music Practical through which I gained full marks. It may also help with future session playing or if I ever decide to teach myself. As well as Lessons I have been playing drums with many bands & musicians – gigging & recording – since 14 and I am now gaining some exposure & praise with a band called ‘Albyno Rhino’. Through the years if advice was ever needed on studio or solo work Mark could be relied on to give it, even on the simplest matter. It’s clearly evident these days which drummers out there have had lessons or not as soon as I hear them play, which really shows they’re worth the time & effort. Having one of the best drummers out there as a teacher also helps too. All the Best and keep Practicing

Paul McGonagle – ‘Albyno Rhino’