Drum Lessons

I teach drum lessons in a structured curriculum catering for all age groups and abilities, from total beginners to advanced level students.

Along with the traditional structure, I can tailor drum lessons to suit students who want to focus on very specific techniques and styles, their favorite players, concert and tuition media etc. Exams are optional and I teach the Rockschool Graded Drum Examination Syllabus. I have a consistent student exam success rate at merit and distinction level.

  • Drum rudiments for snare and contemporary drum kit.
  • How to read drum music ( many popular method and technique books covered )
  • All music styles ( rock,funk,jazz,Latin,pop,reggae,etc ) including music play-along with recorded progress
  • Drumming composition / arrangement and transcription.
  • How to play with a click track.
  • Advanced techniques-independence / co-ordination studies, double bass and brush technique, drum solo development.
  • Acoustic drums– kit set-up, tuning and maintenance.
  • Electronic drums—set up and programming.
  • Computer based midi and audio recording-how to hook up and record&edit your electronic drum kit with music software.
  • With my studio set-up and extensive collection of music minus drum tracks, I offer every level the opportunity to be recorded with the band whilst studying various styles,to take from each of drum lessons for analysis and improvement. I teach everything from up to the minute rock ,to classic rock, contemporary jazz and funk. This is also great foundation for those interested in including their drumming skills as part of junior and leaving cert exams and students often use their examples on YouTube as exposure for bands,auditions etc.

For Drum Demonstration examples check my YouTube channel.

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