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Requirements and Helpful Tips For On-Line Drum Lessons
1. A steady broadband connection, if necessary check speeds with your provider, set up either Zoom meetings account{preferred} or Skype account. When using Zoom app it needs to be set up properly for music lessons audio.

Here are the instructions:In your account, go to home page, In top right hand corner click on small * settings icon, then click on audio settings, un-click the “Adjust microphone volume” box, below this click on advanced tab, tick the The “Enable Original Sound” box to “ON” position then in the Audio Processing section.
“Disable” the first two boxes and leave the third box in ”Auto” mode.

i’ve added a short Youtube tutorial link for this below:

This process is essential and allows for a much cleaner listening/monitoring experience, especially with musical instruments.

2. My class broadcasts will be full detailed stereo from my studio,you need to have good camera and audio reception back to me, most built in pc cameras will work, you can monitor me from either your computer speakers or headphones output whilst keeping your speakers active so I can monitor your response from your built in computer microphone picking up your room sound.
Standard Pc and Mac computers will be fine, if working from pads or phones you will need to consider & configure the ins and outs of your device for our two way conversations, this is the most basic approach, some may have more advanced connectivity,we can discuss and set up as necessary.

3. Students with electronic drum kits: As I will most likely be monitoring you from your computer speakers, those with Ekits will have to go through some type of speaker allowing me to hear your playing/sounds in your room being picked up by your computer microphone. Be aware, the frequency range from your Ekit can damage inappropriate small speakers, I would not recommend small PC or HI-FI speakers, I have put a link here should you wish to look at some purchasing options –

Students with acoustic drum kits: Similar model to above,hearing the kit through your pc microphone will work on my end ,as you probably use headphones connected to your PC, pads, phones etc for regular playing along, I will still need to hear your performance for appraisal through some speaker source.

I can conduct the classes without this audio,but with electric kits I would be limited to hearing the sounds of sticks on rubber pads which is not ideal but is workable with drum exercises. Again working with syllabus music backing tracks and my monitoring and appraisal of performances, the above audio considerations very much apply here, what I receive from the student doesn’t have to be perfect but certainly audible.

4. I will be screen sharing and emailing exercise sheets on the go and recording audio Mp3 of class for emailing to you later that day. A lot of information here with set up, my goal is to make our classes productive and fun.

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